Teacher Creature Project

(Final Photoshopped Project above)

Reflection - My experience with Photoshop

(Proof Sheet above)

I had have experience with Photoshop before in both freshmen year and outside of school work. I had done a project like this before but we were to complete 8 different (un)realistic photos. While working on this, I only had to do one, therefore it was helpful to focus more on the details and have it look more realistic by being able to blend more. This project was a good way of getting a refresher and also become more aware of other tools that can become more helpful in the future. Little things that I found super useful even for something major were match color, smudge, and clone stamp tools.

Landscape Project
Middle Ground                                                            
Fore Ground                                                                

For this project we focused on Background, Middle Ground, and Fore Ground. Each one takes the same role in every photo. All of them pretty much explain themselves, the background is the objects that are much further in the distant, the middle is where it is somewhat closer and easier to make outlines of, where the fore ground you can basically see every detail. To summarize, individually they all use an objects scale differently by using common sense as well. In my case, I had knowledge beforehand of a tool called "Match Color". I simply changed layers into matching the original, mess with a few settings to to help make it all look more similar, and help the photo flow together. 


Tutorial Project

Tutorial 1
For the first image, I had simply changed the color by starting with selecting only the car, changing the feather radius, and then changing the saturation. To make the color more intense I had made the saturation to zero and followed up by setting it to soft light. Finally to adjust the background as well, do the same to changing it all to soft light. 
Tutorial 2

For the second image, I started by selecting only the color section of the eye. I then changed the feather radius, and changing the saturation. It was also easy to point out that this was very similar done like the car image of above. 

Tutorial 3

This image has repetition throughout due to the multiple teeth, but we start the same as the above ones, to select a tooth. Although instead of 3, we leave the feather radius at 1. From here we create another layer from the tooth which I would now warp. Pull the teeth down, erase some areas to make the teeth pointed or more straight. 

Tutorial 4

For the final edit, I had used an other layer with soft light, the brush tool set at an opacity of 50%. From there I simply only had to run over the areas of hair. If wanted (which I did use) was to use the saturation tool a little bit as well. 

Letter Portrait Project

Take aways from ted talk :

Hearing from a man that simply takes hundreds of photos of streets, we reach the point that everyone has a different look on everything. He states that he goes off of three critiques yet the one that he says and talks into depth about it how real designs are within reach. He mentions that “Some things under our feet have a great amount of meaning to us”, whether if we take it for granted or not. These amazing designs that are worked with simple forms, are available to all people.

Steps I took while creating :

Few steps were necessary to complete this project. The first was to look around, find the correct letters in objects and to take a few photos from different angle points. I surprisingly found a lot and took far too many photos when only 6 (in my case) was needed. Afterwards it was simply putting everything I had together.

Although I did want to take an extra bit and put all the borders a certain way for each photo. I took time to put the photos the same amount away from one another and make it look evenly laid out. Next was the background, I took the easy route, did four square boxes and added color. Finally it was all completed.

What did I learn from this project :

I personally didn’t feel like I learned anything from the project, I had done something along these lines previously. Although of course some things were forgotten and I had to relearn but it wasn’t difficult. I suppose I could have tried different and new things so I can have it if necessary in the future. I’ve set a goal for the next project or on my own time, trying new things I hadn’t known about Photoshop.

What would I do differently if I were to do it again :

As I stated above, I would like to do things differently by trying and learning new things. I could do this easily in the background. I actually recently found out how to create my own patterns during one of the other classes. Besides the background this can take place for the boarders of the photos I took. For example in the photos above I had made the photo edges more faded and curved corners, I could do vice versa in other projects when moving forwards.

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